Fozzie, an eight-year-young dog, underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured disc and a bulging disc in his cervical spine, after his pain couldn’t be managed anymore with medication. His family had to decide whether to have the surgery, knowing they couldn’t afford it, or have Fozzie euthanized. Thankfully, they opted for the surgery and reached out to Rochester Hope for Pets. Thanks to donors like our friends at Davidson Fink, we were able to provide an award, reducing Fozzie’s family’s debt. Afterward, his mom said, “Thank you so much!!!! This is such a help. It feels like I would have been under this debt forever. When I sell my house, I plan to contribute back to you. You’ve taken a huge burden off my shoulders.”



Murray is a FIV positive cat who had related dental disease and needed very extensive dental surgery. Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) attacks the immune system, leaving cats vulnerable to many other infections, including in their mouths. Murray’s parents are retired and live on a fixed income, so a vet bill of a few-thousand dollars was overwhelming to say the least. Rochester Hope for Pets helped with a portion of Murray’s dental bill, helping him stay at home and healthy. 

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At less than two years old, Walter underwent expensive diagnostics which revealed he had elbow dysplasia, requiring surgery on both elbows. His mom is a young professional who had to take on an overwhelming amount of debt to pay for Walter’s care. Rochester Hope for Pets was able to pay a portion of the bill, helping Walter’s mom reduce her debt. Walter is now living his best (pain-free) life!

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Fluffzilla had a blocked urethra once already this year, and when he began showing systems of blocking again, his veterinarian recommended a perineal urethrostomy surgery to prevent this from happening again. Fluff’s dad is a disabled veteran living on a fixed income, but knew if he didn’t opt for the surgery, Fluff would just block again, which would end up being more costly in the long run (and more painful for Fluffzilla). With the help of Rochester Hope for Pets, Fluffzilla had the PU surgery and is recovering nicely at home!

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At just two years old, beautiful Kassie needed both cranial cruciate ligaments (like an ACL in humans) repaired in order to stay active and pain-free. This surgery can cost a couple thousand dollars per knee, so Kassie’s parents were understandably overwhelmed when they received the estimate. Rochester Hope for Pets was happy to provide an award to help Kassie get the needed surgery, but it’s cases like this that we wish we could help more, so pet parents don’t feel like they’re drowning in vet bills. Please consider donating to Rochester Hope for Pets so we can help more families like Kassie’s.

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Urinary blockages in cats are a problem we see all too frequently at Rochester Hope for Pets. A blockage is an emergency situation and most frequently occurs in young male cats without any warning. Re-blocking isn’t uncommon and treatment can quickly become expensive. Click here to learn more about this condition.

Wiggy, an eight year old male cat became blocked this summer and his parents were struggling to afford the live-saving treatment. A Rochester Hope for Pets award helped out during their time of need. Afterwards they said: “You helped with the vet bill for our cat Wiggy and I just wanted to tell you how much the aid is appreciated. Thanks for all the help you give people in need.”

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“I just want to say thank you to Rochester Hope for Pets for helping me with Keyz’s surgery. I received Keyz as a birthday present in January 2019. Unfortunately he required intestinal surgery due to pieces of a chew toy being stuck in his intestine.Thanks to the help you have provided, I was able to get the surgery done for Keyz and he is recovering well now!! It was greatly appreciated that Rochester Hope for Pets was able to help me and Keyz!!!”

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“Our family adopted Griffin in November of 2016. We fell in love with him immediately. When Griffin was adopted, he had a small air pocket under his chin. Three years later this air pocket was a palmful and determined to be a ruptured salivary gland that was filled with saliva. He needed a surgery that was beyond what our family was prepared for. We held a garage sale and raised a small amount of funds. We hoped we could put the surgery off until next years tax return came in. I started waking up to Griffin coughing in the middle of the night. Knowing we could no longer wait, I reached out for help. Through the kindness of many people we were able to bring the cost down and have Griffin’s surgery. His surgeon was successful and Griffin has healed well.” – A recent award recipient

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Ava is a lovely senior lady who recently developed an abscessed mammary mass. Ava’s veterinarian started her on antibiotics, but while her mom saved up for the surgery to remove it, it worsened and Ava developed a fever. She needed the surgery as soon as the vet felt she was stable enough to go under anesthesia, but the bill was going to be almost $2,000. Ava’s mom said, “she’s a great dog, she loves people and other animals. I was sick with worry for her and I didn’t know how I was going to afford the surgery but I knew it had to be done.” 

Thankfully, Ava’s veterinarian suggested applying to Rochester Hope for Pets and we provided an award to help with the cost of surgery. Afterward, Ava’s mom said, “I can’t thank you enough.”

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Nykko’s mom was laid off and looking for full time work when she applied for assistance from Rochester Hope for Pets. She was also caring for an ill family member, which left very little money to cover the dental cleaning Nykko badly needed. Rochester Hope for Pets helped cover a portion of the cost, and now, “he is a happy 6 year old boy!”


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