We love reading Tails of Hope like this one that recently appeared in my inbox:

“First of all we would like to say how grateful we are to you guys. This grant help Alice get back to her self.


We ended up kinda rescuing Alice and her siblings. They were brought to us at 6 days old. So our whole family jumped in and we bottle fed them all (6 of them) and took shifts to make sure they were taken care of. Needless to say they all survived and are happy and healthy. Alice however would not eat for anyone but me. So I say she picked me. My family kept 4 of the puppies. Alice and her sister were born with shark jaws. However Alice at 3 years old needed surgery to remove what was only gonna be 3 teeth, which ended being 9 teeth and $1300. I gladly paid to make my baby better.


This past year however we lost 3 cats and found out our younger rescue needs ACL surgery on both legs, one of our cat’s vet’s bill we took a loan on our car to pay the vet. Which we would do again. Our animals are our children, we are still paying the loan off. So the grant really helped Alice; she was suffering and I hated seeing her like that.”

This Tail of Hope is brought to you by Bayer, and by generous donors like you! We’re so happy you’re feeling better, Alice. <3



“I am extremely grateful to have your help. He is my best friend and he has been with me since he was 7 weeks old. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for all his treatments.”

After Moeglie was hit by a car, his mom rushed him to Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. There he was diagnosed with hemoabdomen – blood was filling his abdominal cavity. He also needed to have his left hind leg amputated. The possibility of losing your best friend and the daunting bills from trying to save him would overwhelm anyone. Thankfully, a Rochester Hope for Pets award helped pay for a portion of the care – taking a giant burden off Moeglie’s mom and allowing her to focus her attention on Moeglie’s recovery.

This Tail of Hope is generously brought to you by Ceva Animal Health.


Shannon and her family adopted Copper in September 2011 when he was just a year old. He quickly became part of the family. Recently, Shannon noticed that Copper started making a strange noise when he went to go eat. He backed away from the food dish making choking sounds. Shannon took a video and showed her veterinarian, who diagnosed Copper with dental disease. He would need surgery to have his teeth cleaned and some extractions, and it was going to cost $650-$750. Shannon panicked. Relying on Social Security with two kids, this wasn’t a doable cost.  Copper is a huge part of her family’s life, so Shannon began looking into options to help finance the surgery, and was pointed towards Rochester Hope for Pets.

Rochester Hope for Pets was able to cover some of the surgery, making it more affordable. Copper had his teeth all cleaned and the bad teeth extracted. Now, Copper is doing much better. He is back to snuggling and eating just like usual!

Without Rochester Hope for Pets, Shannon’s family would have had to give him away to another family that was able to pay for his treatment, or potentially put him down. Copper is an anchor for Shannon and her family. He guides them through their hardest moments, and reminds them how loved they are. Shannon feels that the dental surgery enabled by Rochester Hope for Pets truly saved her family.

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When he was eight weeks old, Atlas was adopted from a local shelter by Erica. He was missing one leg due to birthing complications, but that only made Erica love him more. She modified her apartment so it was easier for him to get around – steps where he couldn’t jump high enough, and rugs on the floor so he didn’t slip. Atlas fit right into his new life.

Less than a year after adoption, Atlas began struggling to urinate and lost his appetite. After a week of taking him to and from the vet’s office, on Sunday, Erica knew she had to take him to Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. There he was diagnosed with a urinary blockage; if left untreated, Atlas would die. Despite having other bills and not knowing how she’d pay for the surgery, Erica elected to have it done – Atlas is part of her family. A friend encouraged her to apply to Rochester Hope for Pets, and in the end, she was awarded funds to help pay the bill. Afterwards, Erica said, “I know it sounds cliche, but I truly think that Atlas is the one who rescued me.”

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Hudson was born in 2006 in Corsicana, Texas and came to his loving owner, Jean, at 8 weeks old. Together Jean and Hudson lived in Texas, Maine, and then finally returned to Jean’s hometown of Rochester.

In early February 2018, Hudson slipped on some ice and partially tore a ligament in his knee. During a follow-up visit for his leg, the Veterinarian noticed that his lymph nodes were enlarged. Biopsies were taken, and on March 9 Hudson was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma.

Hudson immediately began receiving treatments at VSES. From March 13 to August 21 Hudson underwent 16 chemo visits. Due to the financial implications of such a disease, Jean’s cousin suggested she reach out to HOPE. The partial grant Hudson received went directly into his chemo treatments.

Now 12 years old, Hudson is in remission thanks to his “I can do this” attitude, exceptional care from VSES, and support from so many of his friends and family.

It can be difficult for pet owners to carry the emotional and financial weight of these intense medical conditions on their own. Jean was very grateful to have some of both burdens lifted of her shoulders by Rochester Hope for Pets, for the emotional support of friends and the exceptional care Hudson received at Veterinary Services Emergency Services.


Tina was adopted when she was three years old by her loving mother, Sandra Leveson. She came from a local rescue for cats, and seemed healthy and happy upon adoption. A short while after adopting Tina, Sandra noticed that she was acting funny. Sandra brought her to the vet, only to find out that Tina needed to have all of her teeth pulled. Sandra had to choose between paying for the surgery or having her humanely euthanized. Despite needing dental work of her own, Sandra made it clear that “the cat comes first.” Dr. Wihlen at Animal Hospital of Pittsford told Sandra he would do whatever he could to help with the expensive surgery, and was able to connect her with a $400 award from Rochester Hope for Pets – a huge relief for Sandra.

This wasn’t the only time Tina and Sandra would receive help from RHFP though. Recently Tina began developing strange masses around her eyes. It was found that she had multiple growths that needed to be removed. Again, Rochester Hope for Pets was able to cover part of the surgery, and was able to take some of the financial burden off of Sandra’s family.

Now almost 12 years old, Tina remains a snugly, sweet, toothless, and somewhat visually impaired cat with a lot of love left to give



Shadow came to his loving owner, Sharon, at just six weeks old. He was one of six kittens born to a feral cat who had abandoned them.

When he was four, Sharon noticed that Shadow was doing something strange. He was trying to urinate all over the house – when he tried to go though, nothing would happen. Sharon knew something was wrong and brought Shadow to the veterinarian. The vet diagnosed Shadow with a urinary tract infection and sent him home with medication and instructions to collect a urine sample.

Once home, Shadow tried and tried to relieve himself, but it just wasn’t happening. Sharon rushed him to Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services to find out that he had a complete urinary blockage, which is fatal if left untreated. Shadow stayed overnight with IV fluids and a urinary catheter; the next day Sharon took him to her regular vet for a follow-up. Retired and on a fixed income, Sharon was worried about the cost of all of these procedures and office visits. Shadow is a part of her family, and she’s deeply committed to his health. Luckily, she received an award from Rochester Hope for Pets that covered a portion of the total cost.

Sharon was extremely grateful for the award from Rochester Hope for Pets and is glad to have her happy, healthy, Shadow still with her today.”


Tiger was adopted by his loving family right at the beginning of his life. He had been born with a deformity to his left paw that required the leg to be amputated, but he thrived as a three-legged cat. His family included humans, dogs, and cats, and he lived a happy cat life for many years.

Sadly, in the winter of 2017, his dog sister, Lola, passed away. A few months later, the family decided to welcome a new pup into their lives, and rescued a four year-old dog from a local animal shelter. Despite careful introductions, the new dog attacked Tiger soon after arriving. His family rushed Tiger to Penfield Veterinary Hospital, where the veterinarian told them Tiger had five broken ribs and many puncture wounds.

Afraid and unsure of how they would cover the cost of hospitalization, the family turned to Rochester Hope for Pets. Tiger would end up spending ten days in the hospital, receiving multiple treatments that saved his life. The financial award from Rochester Hope for Pets helped to cover a portion of the total cost, alleviating a lot of the family’s financial stress. They were able to focus on helping Tiger recover, and soon he was on his way back to his happy, healthy self!


When Bleu snuck out of the house and was hit by a car late on a Friday night, her loving owner, Dawn, knew she would need medical help immediately. After bringing Bleu to Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services, it was clear that treatment there would not be an affordable option for Dawn. To get her through the night, the doctors gave Bleu some pain medications and gave Dawn a list of things to watch for. The next day, Bleu was limping and not acting like herself. Dawn’s usual veterinarian was unable to see Bleu, so through a reference, Dawn turned to Companion Animal Hospital.  

When she initially got to Companion Animal Hospital, Dawn worried about how much the bill would cost. Aware of her situation, Dr. Yestrebi urged her to apply for a grant from Rochester Hope for Pets. Hope was able to cover a portion of the bill, leaving Dawn feeling much better. She was happy to know that with the help of Rochester Hope for Pets, she could afford the best care for Bleu.

Dr. Yestrebi took great care of Bleu. Dawn left happy that day, feeling like all of her questions had been asked and answered. Thanks to Rochester Hope for Pets, a portion of the expenses were covered, and the financial burden on Dawn was much less daunting. Bleu was able to recover from her injury, and is finally back to playing and running as if nothing happened.  She’s back to living a healthy and happy life with her loving family.




Holly was lucky enough to become part of the Smith family in 2015, when she was rescued by her loving owner, Dureen. Holly had been managing high levels of globulin, ALK phosphatase, and other potential toxins since 2015; however, Dureen became very worried when she noticed that Holly was extremely lethargic and stopped eating.  Holly was taken to the veterinarian for an exam. At that time it was revealed that Holly’s ALK phosphatase levels were at a high of 2,741!! (For those of us that don’t have any medical training, the normal ALK phosphatase level is between 5 and 131!). After an ultrasound showed that Holly’s liver had become enlarged, Holly’s veterinarian recommended that a liver biopsy be performed to determine the cause of the illness.

Dureen was unsure how she was going to pay for this expensive procedure and she reached out to Rochester Hope for Pets for help. Hope was able to provide Dureen and Holly with a financial grant that allowed her to have the procedure done. “I was beyond thrilled, relieved and very, very thankful.  I had no clue how I was going to pay for all of Holly’s medical expenses.  My pups mean the world to me.  They are not ‘just dogs’ to me, they are my family,” Dureen said.

The biopsy revealed that Holly had chronic inflammation of the liver and needs to have her blood tested every 3-4 months. She is on an extended course of anti-biotics to help keep her healthy. “The first day that Holly went to her toy box to get a ball out of it to play fetch was one of the happiest days for me,” Dureen explained, “I knew that my little pup was on her way to feeling better! I truly am so very grateful for everything Rochester Hope for Pets has done for my Holly and me.”

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