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How to Apply

Rochester Hope for Pets offers awards to Rochester area pet owners who need assistance with veterinary expenses for unexpected or emergency pet health situations.

Our goal is to assist as many pets as possible on a cost-sharing basis; therefore, we are unable to cover the entire cost of a procedure through an award. The majority of awards given are for a small portion of the overall cost of a procedure or treatment.

To be considered for an award the criteria below must be met:

  • We require that the medical issue is diagnosed by a veterinarian through an initial exam.
  • Applicants need to prove an official estimate from a veterinarian for the treatment or surgery.
  • Our one page application must be completed.


Unfortunately at this time Rochester Hope for Pets is unable to provide awards for the following services:

  • Routine wellness care – Annual Exams, routine vaccines, deworming, heart-worm or fecal testing.
  • Spay and Neuter surgeries.
  • On-going prescription food or medication refill costs.


To apply for an award, you can click here for an application form. All award applications must be accompanied by a current cost estimate of the required treatment from a veterinary hospital. Applications received without an estimate attached will not be considered for an award. It takes between 2 to 3 days after receiving applications for us to notify you of your application status.


Mail or fax the completed form with the estimate to:

Rochester Hope for Pets
524 White Spruce Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14623

Fax: 585-271-7815

Every application we receive is given consideration based on the funds we have available and the prognosis for the pet. If you are seeking assistance for  care outside our coverage guidelines please go to ourPet Resources tab where you may find further assistance.


Feel free to phone us with questions at 585-271-2733, ext. 189. We check messages during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

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