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Milly’s Mission


We would like to help those in need of emergency life saving surgeries for their dogs. We can’t imagine not having the option to try absolutely everything to save our dog, and we would love to help those who financially cannot.

Josh and I lost our dog Milly in May of 2021 when she was only 16 months old. Milly was a beautiful yellow lab with the most stunning blue eyes. To many of us, our dogs are like one of our children, and we considered Milly our first little girl.

On May 20, 2021, we brought Milly to Rochester Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services because she was not acting like herself when we got home from work. We couldn’t believe it when blood work revealed that Milly was showing signs of liver failure.

Over the next few days, Josh and I received many phone calls from the staff updating us on Milly’s condition. One of the vets working with her even took the time to bring Milly into her office and give her some goldfish crackers. It was those little gestures that made us realize how thankful we were for taking her to Rochester Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services. We asked them to try absolutely everything to get our girl healthy again. We would have sold everything we owned to save her. Unfortunately, everything they tried (and they did try EVERYTHING) didn’t work and we lost our sweet baby on May 23, 2021.

Josh and I have not stopped thinking about her, and about all the families that have gone through or are going through something similar. There are so many people that are faced with these difficult situations every day but end up having to euthanize their beloved dog because it is so unbelievably expensive to save them. Recognizing that, we reached out to Rochester Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services to see if we could help others in any way and they directed us to Rochester Hope for Pets. From there, we were able to come up with “Milly’s Mission” in memory of our sweet Milly, which is a fund that raises money specifically for dogs who need emergency life-saving surgeries.

We are so honored to be a part of this great cause, and we will not stop working hard to prevent others from going through unnecessary tragedy. It is our hope, in partnership with Rochester Hope for Pets, that we will achieve the goal of helping families in need of these life-saving procedures for their dogs, and we truly appreciate everyone who is willing to donate to this amazing cause.

~ Kathryn and Josh



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