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First Responder Companion Animal CPR/First Aid Training

Education is very important to the Rochester Hope for Pets mission. To further assist our community, Rochester Hope for Pets has created the First Responders Companion Animal CPR/First Aid Training Program to educate and support first responder groups in the greater Rochester, N.Y. area. The goal of these training sessions is to provide each attendee with knowledge that will keep them and their team members safe, while also providing adequate life-saving care to animals in critical situations.

Veterinarians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and animal care assistants from local veterinary practices in Monroe County, NY have generously volunteered their time and knowledge to provide a two-hour course on the correct forms of large and small animal CPR and basic bandaging techniques that can be vital to the health of companion animals during critical situations. The training sessions take place at local first responder facilities, and attendees are able to have hands-on experience by utilizing both our critical care mannequins (Duncan, Dixie, and Fluffy) and live animals (if allowed in the facility). Our volunteers have developed several different scenarios that are presented, including fire, motor vehicle accident, and extreme weather events. Each training can have a maximum of 12 registrants, but we will provide as many classes as the respective departments’ require.

For each training session,  we ask for a $5 donation from each registered first responder that attends the classes. The proceeds benefit Duncan’s Fund which is used to support educational programs geared toward improving pet care in the greater Rochester area. Proceeds also assist us in the maintenance of our critical care mannequins and training equipment.


Project Breathe (1)Rochester Hope for Pets would like to thank the Project Breathe-Pet Oxygen Mask Donation Program run by Invisible Fence Brand for generously donating pet oxygen mask kits. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large mask, oxygen tubing, emergency leash and directions for rescue breathing and animal CPR. The goal of Project Breathe is to ensure that every fire department and rescue unit is equipped with these life-saving pet oxygen masks. To date, they have donated more than 10,000 masks to fire stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  The Project Breathe™ donations program thrives by word of mouth, if you are interested in assisting them, they ask that you contact your local fire department to ask if they have these pet saving kits. If they do not, please direct your local fire department to check out the Project Breathe™ program and fill out a request form! You can also contact your local Invisible Fence® Brand Dealer to see if they have made a donation in your town or community.

If you are a first responder, or you know someone who is and would like to find out more information about our training sessions or scheduling please contact us by phone: 585-271-2733 x.189 or by

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