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Bandit was attacked by a neighbor dog which resulted in him having four fractured bones that required surgery. With COVID-19 impacting nearly everyone, Bandit’s family reached out to Rochester Hope for Pets. Bandit’s mom wrote, “We are a young family and hate to ask for help but the cost of the surgery is overwhelming at this time. Bandit is my best friend and his wellbeing means the world to me.”

Our award helped Bandit receive the care he needed, and afterward, his family wrote, “Thank you so very much for your generous grant to assist Bandit in getting the emergency veterinary care he needed. Having a furry family member who needs medical care is so stressful in itself and then to add financial stressors while going through a global pandemic can be overwhelming! We so appreciate your help during this difficult time!!! Bandit had his surgery yesterday and came home today. He is resting comfortably and a full recovery is expected. Thank you again for your help and all that you do!!”