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Caiden Rose

“I rescued my sweet Caiden Rose as a 7 week old puppy that was facing being put down due to her owners lack of medical care. She was dropped and her front leg broken. Her breeder chose to duck tape her leg to a popsicle stick. As she grew.. the tape didn’t. At 7 weeks old, part of her leg fell off due to gangrene and she was septic. I heard her story from a friend at her vets office and reached out to help. The breeder signed her over to me. She is my $8000.00 puppy after all her surgeries. That was 10 years ago. She has been my sidekick and love of my life since.

She recently became very ill with early stage cancerous masses and due to being out of work, I was not able to afford the full cost of the surgery to save her life. The very generous grant I recieved from Rochester Hope For Pets made it possible for me reach the surgery goal and save my sweet girl. I am so thankful and grateful that this foundation exists. If not, my Caiden Rose would only have 6 months to a year to live. Now I have many more years with her. I am beyond thrilled.

The surgery went well and she is recovering at home.  Rochester Hope For Pets will forever have my and Caiden Rose’s deepest gratitude. Thank you does not express our feeling for the people behind the scenes at RHFP who made this possible. God bless you all. Keep up the amazing work. You are not only saving our pets lives..But you are saving families from heartbreak over the loss of a pet due to financial reasons.”