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Delilah Jane

This is Delilah Jane, a sweet little Guinea Pig. Her owner, Jennifer, noticed she made a lot squeaking noises while going to the bathroom, and suspected she wasn’t feeling well. She was less energetic than usual and seemed to be in pain, so Jennifer had an x-ray done which revealed a bladder stone that needed to be removed. Jennifer wasn’t sure how she’d be able to pay for the surgery, but her “piggies” mean the world to her. “She deserved a chance at living,” says Jennifer. “She has saved my life and I wanted to save her life.”

Through a grant from Rochester Hope for Pets, Jennifer was able to afford the surgery and Delilah Jane recovered well was back to feeling like her old self again. Jennifer reported that Delilah Jane was getting medications through a syringe tube feeder and she thought it was a game. Delilah would bite down on the syringe and throw it around with her mouth.Although Delilah is no longer with us, Jennifer says she was an inspiration and a fighter.