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This is Felix. He keeps Kellie company in the cozy little house they share with another kitty named Jax and a rabbit named Twix. Kellie counts on her three pets for their unconditional love, especially if she ever feels lonely

Only day, Kellie could tell Felix wasn’t feeling well because when she pet him, he hissed, and he never hisses — he is the most loving cat and is constantly head-butting her and asking for attention. Kellie realized he was trying to urinate and couldn’t, so she called the emergency veterinary number. They advised her to bring him in immediately, or he might not last through the night.

Kellie brought him in, even though she didn’t know how she would be able to pay the costly bill. Turns out that Felix had a urinary blockage, which would have killed him overnight.  A grant from Rochester Hope for Pets lightened the financial burden Kellie faced; she was able to afford the two-night stay at the emergency hospital where he received treatments to ease the blockage from his urethra as well as drain his bladder. Felix made a full recovery and continues on with his happy life with Kellie, Jax and Twix.