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From Ginger’s parents, “Ginger is a 2.5 year old Husky-pitbull mix. She’s been with our family since she was just 8 weeks old She is a playful, mischievous, and sassy girl. I’ve always loved how big her personality is.

She tore her Canine Cruciate Ligament (the doggy equivalent of the ACL). There was no accident/slip/fall and she is so young, we felt so guilty, like we had done something wrong – then we learned about the cost of the surgical options to repair the tear. Suddenly we were faced with thousands of dollars in upcoming medical bills. It was a hard place to be balancing the well-being of our puppy against the funds to get her care. Every time we saw her limping or unable to play/go on walks as long as she wanted – we felt worse.

Thankfully – I posted about Ginger on the Nextdoor App, looking for insight from other pet owners in this situation – we got great advice, information, and support. This is where we learned about Rochester Hope for Pets who generously donated to Ginger’s medical care costs. I’m relieved to finally have her on the road to recovery!”

We’re so happy to see Ginger recovering from her surgery!