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Meet Kitty, a black and white tuxedo cat that began visiting Ray and Josephine’s home. Being life-long animal lovers, Ray and Josephine could not let the cat stay outdoors to brave the weather, cars and other threats alone. Kitty clearly felt the same way — as soon as the door to for him, he ran right upstairs and sat on their bed. This is how Kitty came to join Ray and Josephine’s family.

Soon after Kitty’s appearance in their home, his new owners began to notice that he was having difficulty eating and gaining weight. After bringing Kitty to a local veterinarian, Ray and Josephine agreed with the doctor’s advice that Kitty would benefit from a dental cleaning as a first step in diagnosing his eating difficulties.

As a retired couple dependent solely on social security, Ray and Josephine faced difficulty in amassing enough money for Kitty’s dental work. Wanting to do the best for their cat, they applied to Rochester Hope for Pets for financial assistance. Through the grant provided, Kitty received the oral treatments he needed and improved quickly. He was able to eat with more comfort than before and started to gain a little weight. Thanks to the Hope grant, Kitty is a happy boy who loves to spend time with the kind family who welcomed him into their home.