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This is Merlin. When Merlin got sick, his family was also facing other expenses because their two dogs, Cara and Roux, also were requiring veterinary care at the same time. Merlin suffered from constipation, dehydration and renal failure. He needed tests to determine what was wrong and how it should be treated. For Merlin’s owner, Maria, it was a lot of pet care all at once and in a short amount of time.

Being committed pet owners who treat their pets like family members, Maria and her husband applied to Rochester Hope for Pets for assistance with Merlin’s medical expenses. Through the grant provided, Merlin’s family was able to afford the medical testing needed.

“The thought of not having the option to at least try and help him was a heartbreaking and hopeless feeling,” Maria said. While the diagnosis of kidney disease required Merlin to remain on a special diet as well as other continued treatments, he was back to his old self which made the family very happy. Merlin has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but he had the care he needed until that point.