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Nova’s mom is a full-time college student who also works part-time. When Nova went into anaphylactic shock for the second time in six months, she had to be rushed to Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services again. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic response to a stimulus and is an emergency situation; if left untreated, it can be fatal very quickly.

Not knowing what was causing this reaction, Nova’s mom was worrying not only about Nova recovering, but also about paying this second bill in such a short span of time. We made an award to help with the cost, and Nova is thankfully back to her normal self. Nova’s mom is having her allergy tested to hopefully prevent this from ever happening again.

We’re so glad Nova’s mom and the great team at VSES acted quickly and got her the help she needed. Nova’s mom said afterward, “It really is amazing what you do!!!” – we are happy to pass those kind words along to you, our donors, who make it all possible. Thank you!