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This is Princess, a loving, calm and regal white and grey cat that loves to spend her days with her owner, Barbara. One day Barbara noticed that Princess was uncharacteristically restless and agitated. She’d begun to shake her head frantically back and forth and was unable to make herself comfortable. Knowing this was not normal behavior, Barbara knew immediately that Princess was in pain and needed to see a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

After being examined, Princess was diagnosed with an aural hematoma, a collection of blood within the cartilage of the ear that requires immediate attention.  Though dedicated to the well-being of her “soul mate,” Barbara was unsure how she would be able to afford the cost of Princess’s medical treatment while living only on social security.

Through a grant from Rochester Hope for Pets, Barbara was able to afford the ear cannula placement to fix the hematoma. Princess made a complete recovery and is now the happy and healthy cat she’d always been. According to Barbara, “Just the fact that people cared so much was an extra bonus” to Princess’s recovery.