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Meet Rudy, a mixture of Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Border collie, and Doberman, who was adopted by Hope when he was one-and-a-half years old.

At the veterinary specialists’ office, Hope learned that Rudy had pancreatitis and would require ongoing care for chronic flare-ups. Rudy’s prognosis was good as long as he received ongoing medical care, which included hospitalization, fluid pumps, professional treatments, medicines and more.

Treating Rudy’s illness became quite costly for Hope, but she refused to give up.  Hope’s veterinarian said, “Hope loves her dog and tries to do the best she can for Rudy. Rudy is really all she has and I believe he gives her something to live for.”

Hope was given an award from Rochester Hope for Pets, which allowed her to continue providing the ongoing medical care Rudy needs. “I came very close to losing him,” she said.  “Thank God I didn’t. I wasn’t ready to give him up.”