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This is Sassy, who shares a home with her two owners, their son, and six other cats. A while back, Sassy was diagnosed with kidney disease and her values were so high that her owners thought that they were going to lose her. Sassy’s family spent a week dropping her off daily at the animal hospital to receive IV fluids. Sassy soon showed a marked improvement, so they continued medication and daily subcutaneous fluids at home.

Sassy, being the fighter she was, bounced back and did beautifully until June of 2013, when her kidney values started to climb and she became sick again. Her owners once again prepared themselves to say goodbye, but Sassy was a fighter with a very strong will. After talking with their veterinarian, they decided to pursue IV fluid treatment, but it was going to be needed frequently and in conjunction with several other medications and treatments.

Sassy’s owners were determined to give her the best chance they could and, as time went on, her health improved. The treatments continued to work but became expensive, and it was becoming financially difficult for her owners. Thanks to a grant from Rochester Hope for Pets, they were able to continue Sassy’s treatments.  Over time, her kidney values went back down to normal, and she became the spirited little girl her family loved and remembered. Although she’s no longer with us, Sassy and her owners made the most of every day they had together.