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Shadow came to his loving owner, Sharon, at just six weeks old. He was one of six kittens born to a feral cat who had abandoned them.

When he was four, Sharon noticed that Shadow was doing something strange. He was trying to urinate all over the house – when he tried to go though, nothing would happen. Sharon knew something was wrong and brought Shadow to the veterinarian. The vet diagnosed Shadow with a urinary tract infection and sent him home with medication and instructions to collect a urine sample.

Once home, Shadow tried and tried to relieve himself, but it just wasn’t happening. Sharon rushed him to Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services to find out that he had a complete urinary blockage, which is fatal if left untreated. Shadow stayed overnight with IV fluids and a urinary catheter; the next day Sharon took him to her regular vet for a follow-up. Retired and on a fixed income, Sharon was worried about the cost of all of these procedures and office visits. Shadow is a part of her family, and she’s deeply committed to his health. Luckily, she received an award from Rochester Hope for Pets that covered a portion of the total cost.

Sharon was extremely grateful for the award from Rochester Hope for Pets and is glad to have her happy, healthy, Shadow still with her today.”