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This is Shamus, an Old English bulldog who was hit by a car. His owner, Dennis, immediately brought him to the emergency animal hospital where doctors stabilized him. Shamus had a large, open laceration on his back leg that needed cleaning and assessing. For four days, Shamus remained in emergency care, where he received extensive wound care and bandage changes. Surgeons then performed an operation to close his leg laceration. Shamus’s surgery went as planned and he was able to go home to Dennis.

Although on medications and receiving daily bandage changes from a veterinarian, Shamus developed an infection in his wound three days later. The surgery team decided Shamus needed to receive daily wound management to fight the infection. After more than 10 days total of hospitalization, Shamus returned home. With antibiotics and bandage changes every few days, Shamus’s health was improving.

However, the lengthy hospital stays and extensive wound care resulted in a significant bill for Dennis. “I wasn’t expecting it, but it definitely helped out in a time of need,” Dennis said of the grant provided by Rochester Hope for Pets. It was a long road to recovery, but Shamus is back to his old self again!