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The Dude

This handsome man, The Dude, has had a tough time of it. He was abandoned and beaten up by other animals; when he was found, he was less than 2 pounds. And then tragically, his rescuer passed away. But life twists and turns, and The Dude was given another chance with his rescuer’s sister. Soon after, The Dude was found to have a mass that needed to be removed as it was malignant.

Rochester Hope for Pets was able to make an award to help cover the cost of this surgery, thanks to our wonderful support like Prentice Wealth Management. Afterward, The Dude’s mom let us know that at this time, he doesn’t need chemo or radiation, and she sent this note, “Thank you for the love and kindness shown to me to make my tumor removal possible.
Forever Grateful,
The Dude <3XO”

(With Valentine’s Day coming up, we couldn’t resist sharing the love with you!)