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Tiger was adopted by his loving family right at the beginning of his life. He had been born with a deformity to his left paw that required the leg to be amputated, but he thrived as a three-legged cat. His family included humans, dogs, and cats, and he lived a happy cat life for many years.

Sadly, in the winter of 2017, his dog sister, Lola, passed away. A few months later, the family decided to welcome a new pup into their lives, and rescued a four year-old dog from a local animal shelter. Despite careful introductions, the new dog attacked Tiger soon after arriving. His family rushed Tiger to Penfield Veterinary Hospital, where the veterinarian told them Tiger had five broken ribs and many puncture wounds.

Afraid and unsure of how they would cover the cost of hospitalization, the family turned to Rochester Hope for Pets. Tiger would end up spending ten days in the hospital, receiving multiple treatments that saved his life. The financial award from Rochester Hope for Pets helped to cover a portion of the total cost, alleviating a lot of the family’s financial stress. They were able to focus on helping Tiger recover, and soon he was on his way back to his happy, healthy self!