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Tsunami had a basketball size tumor on his side that made it impossible for him to walk.  As a senior aged dog, his parents weren’t optimistic that anyone would be willing to help them.  We offered them a grant from Bruno’s Blessings, and Tsunami had his surgery and has made a complete recovery, and is […]



Charlie’s parents reached out to us for a grant for a quality of life surgery for precious Charlie. He was unable to use his hind legs at all, but with a small grant for Rochester Hope for Pets, he was able to get the surgery he needed, and regain some use of his hind legs. […]


Lucky the cat

Sometimes our pets don’t feel very well and they need testing done to find out what’s going on. Lucky’s mom reached out to Rochester Hope for Pets for a grant to help with Lucky’s diagnostic testing. She wrote back to us saying, “Lucky and I wanted to say thank you for helping me with the […]


Monkey the cat

This precious sweet kitty had suffered so much in life, until he found an amazing family willing to love him and give him his best life. When Monkey came to his family, he was missing an eye and had a broken jaw. He saw something in his new family, and he showered them with the […]


Ginger post-op

From Ginger’s parents, “Ginger is a 2.5 year old Husky-pitbull mix. She’s been with our family since she was just 8 weeks old She is a playful, mischievous, and sassy girl. I’ve always loved how big her personality is. She tore her Canine Cruciate Ligament (the doggy equivalent of the ACL). There was no accident/slip/fall […]


“Bella and I wanted to give you and her donors an update on how she’s doing since her dental surgery on March 30th. She had 17 teeth extracted, but has bounced back from it all and is back to being her old self for the most part. She has a long road of recovery ahead […]


Meet Howdy! This sweet boy needed a parathyroidectomy (the removal of one or more parathyroid glands) – this is an expensive, specialized surgery that requires quite a bit of follow up care in the hospital afterward. We were honored to provide an award to help Howdy’s dad pay for the life-saving surgery. Above is one of […]

The Dude

This handsome man, The Dude, has had a tough time of it. He was abandoned and beaten up by other animals; when he was found, he was less than 2 pounds. And then tragically, his rescuer passed away. But life twists and turns, and The Dude was given another chance with his rescuer’s sister. Soon […]


This sweet boy, Bandit, fell down the stairs around Christmas time, and sadly, needed to have his leg amputated as a result. Bandit’s parents were struggling after losing their jobs due to COVID, and couldn’t afford the needed surgery. RHFP was able to make an award, and Bandit is now recovering at home! This Tail […]


Handsome Bear here needed a cancerous mass removed as well as chemotherapy. The total cost would be many thousands of dollars, and Bear’s family is facing their own medical bills. The cost of Bear’s treatment was overwhelming for his family. RHFP was able to make an award for the surgery, and Bear is now recovering […]