Bandit was attacked by a neighbor dog which resulted in him having four fractured bones that required surgery. With COVID-19 impacting nearly everyone, Bandit’s family reached out to Rochester Hope for Pets. Bandit’s mom wrote, “We are a young family and hate to ask for help but the cost of the surgery is overwhelming at this time. Bandit is my best friend and his wellbeing means the world to me.”

Our award helped Bandit receive the care he needed, and afterward, his family wrote, “Thank you so very much for your generous grant to assist Bandit in getting the emergency veterinary care he needed. Having a furry family member who needs medical care is so stressful in itself and then to add financial stressors while going through a global pandemic can be overwhelming! We so appreciate your help during this difficult time!!! Bandit had his surgery yesterday and came home today. He is resting comfortably and a full recovery is expected. Thank you again for your help and all that you do!!”


“I would like to start with expressing my immense gratitude for this award. It really means a lot to Dizzy and I.

Dizzy was born under a family friend’s porch and as a result made his way into my life. It was personally a time in life where things were difficult and has been honestly one of the best things to happen to me. He and I have such a close bond. He follows me around everywhere, always greets me when I come home after work, and even yells loudly when I am leaving.

Dizzy just means a lot to me, so this past September when health issues began to arise things became scary, difficult, and frustrating at times.

As a male cat Dizzy is prone to FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis) and urinary tract issues in general. So after several visits to both urgent care and his regular vet trying to treat and manage urinary issues he has since ended up at Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services twice since December for potentially life threatening blockages. At this point I had been completely exhausted both emotionally and financially when a family member told me about Rochester Hope for Pets and decided to apply and hope for the best though not expecting much.

I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that Rochester Hope for Pets was able to help accommodate for nearly half of his last emergency visit!

Thank you so much for everything you were able to do for Dizzy and I, but also all of the other pets that you help every year!”




“We added Beyaz to our family just a little over a month ago. We moved to Rochester for my husband’s school this past September. It was with serious consideration that we decided to add Beyaz to our family. Once he came home Beyaz became our best friend here. He was well until March 2nd when he began vomiting.” 

Beyaz’s family took him to Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services for diagnostics and stabilization, and then to their general practice vet for surgery the next day. Unfortunately, Beyaz had a foreign body in his intestines. His mom wrote, “Wanting him to be better and his usual energetic and playful self, we are going through with the surgery.”

His parents went through with the surgery, knowing that affording it would be difficult in their current situation. A RHFP award helped cover a portion of the surgery, and Beyaz came home the next day to recover in his ‘cone of shame.’ His mom wrote afterward,

“Thank you so much for your help. We greatly appreciate it, and cannot express it enough.”

Awards like this keep pets at home and healthy, rather than in shelters or unnecessarily euthanized. Thank you for being a part of our mission!


Vader here did something many dogs do that humans will never understand – he ate a towel. (Although to be fair, cats aren’t immune – often with cats, the problem item is a string of some kind.) Unfortunately, that towel became lodged in his gastrointestinal tract, causing a blockage. This is an emergency situation – if left unresolved, Vader would have died. Our friends at Bayview Animal Hospital performed emergency surgery and removed the towel, and after two nights in the hospital, Vader was back to his normal self. His humans, expecting a new baby soon, were concerned about how they were going to pay the bill and stay on track financially. Rochester Hope for Pets made an award to help Vader’s family; afterward his dad said, “Please thank the donors for our family, and I want you to know that we appreciate your help and compassion in our time of need!”

Want to learn more about GI foreign bodies? Click here!




Nova’s mom is a full-time college student who also works part-time. When Nova went into anaphylactic shock for the second time in six months, she had to be rushed to Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services again. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic response to a stimulus and is an emergency situation; if left untreated, it can be fatal very quickly.

Not knowing what was causing this reaction, Nova’s mom was worrying not only about Nova recovering, but also about paying this second bill in such a short span of time. We made an award to help with the cost, and Nova is thankfully back to her normal self. Nova’s mom is having her allergy tested to hopefully prevent this from ever happening again.

We’re so glad Nova’s mom and the great team at VSES acted quickly and got her the help she needed. Nova’s mom said afterward, “It really is amazing what you do!!!” – we are happy to pass those kind words along to you, our donors, who make it all possible. Thank you!



Sweet Ralph here has had a tough life. As his mom put it, “When we first adopted Ralph, over 3 years ago, he had just been found with a half an eye ball and looked pretty ragged. They removed his eye, healed up the other eye that had an ulcer in it (he still only sees as if in fog), and found a heart murmur. We brought him home and after a few weeks of being on a healthy diet, murmur resolved. Shortly after, we realized he had a seizure disorder and still has one about once a month. He has developed urinary incontinence recently and has to wear a belly band all the time. They found him missing 8 teeth upon rescue and we had to have 7 more removed with our regular vet. Dogs have 42 teeth, so he was still able to eat solid food missing 1/3 of his teeth. Last month one of his teeth fell out, bringing him down to 26 teeth, but we already had a tooth extraction and tumor removal scheduled for today, and they couldn’t move it up sooner. Today he had to have ALL his teeth removed and his hemangioma, fresh blood tumor, removed (they’re sending it out to see if it’s cancerous.) He’s had a hard life and your generosity made my day a little easier.”

Thanks to donations like yours, we were able to make an award to help Ralph live more comfortably with his loving fur-ever family.


Handsome Dudley needed to have radiographs to figure out why he was limping. Because animals typically need to be sedated so that they’ll hold still for x-rays, the process can get expensive. A RHFP award helped pay for the diagnostics, so that Dudley’s parents and vet can decide the best course of action going forward. Without awards like this, more pets would end up in shelters, would remain in pain, or would be unnecessarily euthanized. Thanks to donors like you, we can help Dudley and many others.


Mango had a linear foreign body (from eating something like a string) that required an overnight stay at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services and then a surgery at Mango’s general practice vet. Without surgery, a foreign body is fatal. Mango’s mom is a single mom who was having trouble coming up with enough funds for the surgery. A Rochester Hope for Pets award helped with the cost, and Mango is back at home, happy and healthy.

This Tail of Hope is brought to you by our friends at Lawley. Thanks for being a friend to animals!


Murphy needed a dental cleaning with extractions, but his mom didn’t qualify for Care Credit and she couldn’t find somewhere that would let her do monthly payments. She said, “I rescued him nine years ago and he is my family. The thought of him suffering is terrible.” After Rochester Hope for Pets helped ease her burden, Murphy’s mom said, “About 10 days ago Murphy had oral surgery and lost 18 teeth! It was a rough few days after surgery, but he is feeling so much better. We appreciate your kindness and helping with the hefty bill. Cannot thank you enough.”

Thanks to Virbac for making this Tail of Hope possible!



“We’ve had Blanca since 12 weeks old. She is now 10 years old. About 8 months ago she got a growth on her mammary. It got big very fast. So we immediately decided, we have to do surgery. Shes been such a good dog and family member. So she had surgery, and was in pain and not moving around much for a few days. Within a week she started doing more and now, a few weeks later, shes doing amazing. When she got her staples out, we got the results from the biopsy. It was benign. We are so happy. We are so thankful for the help from Rochester Hope for Pets.”

-Blanca’s mom

This Tail of Hope is made by possible by our friends at Lawley

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