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Shannon and her family adopted Copper in September 2011 when he was just a year old. He quickly became part of the family. Recently, Shannon noticed that Copper started making a strange noise when he went to go eat. He backed away from the food dish making choking sounds. Shannon took a video and showed […]


When he was eight weeks old, Atlas was adopted from a local shelter by Erica. He was missing one leg due to birthing complications, but that only made Erica love him more. She modified her apartment so it was easier for him to get around – steps where he couldn’t jump high enough, and rugs […]


Hudson was born in 2006 in Corsicana, Texas and came to his loving owner, Jean, at 8 weeks old. Together Jean and Hudson lived in Texas, Maine, and then finally returned to Jean’s hometown of Rochester. In early February 2018, Hudson slipped on some ice and partially tore a ligament in his knee. During a […]


Tina was adopted when she was three years old by her loving mother, Sandra Leveson. She came from a local rescue for cats, and seemed healthy and happy upon adoption. A short while after adopting Tina, Sandra noticed that she was acting funny. Sandra brought her to the vet, only to find out that Tina […]


Shadow Shadow came to his loving owner, Sharon, at just six weeks old. He was one of six kittens born to a feral cat who had abandoned them. When he was four, Sharon noticed that Shadow was doing something strange. He was trying to urinate all over the house – when he tried to go […]


Tiger was adopted by his loving family right at the beginning of his life. He had been born with a deformity to his left paw that required the leg to be amputated, but he thrived as a three-legged cat. His family included humans, dogs, and cats, and he lived a happy cat life for many […]